National Aboriginal Music Countdown

Each week Miss Melissa will be featuring an artist on the NAMC to chat about their Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards submission experience over the next month.


This week we've talked to Vince Fontaine, check out the interview here.


The awards are happening Sept. 11th & 12th here in Winnipeg.  Artists can submit at


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This week Last week Artist Album Description
1 2

Artist: Howard Nepinak
Song: Mud Boggin' Thang
Album: Mud, Sweat and Gears
Reverb Nation | Facebook

2 3

Artist: Billy Grind Band
Song: Carry Her Away
Album: Billy Grind
Website | Facebook

3 4

Artist: Bob E. Lee
Song: Dangerous Game
Album: Single

4 1

Artist: Shawnee
Song: I Hate You
Album: Single
Website | Facebook

5 6

Artist: Richard McKay ft. Jessica Chartrand
Song: Your Loving Arms
Album: Single
Reverb Nation | Facebook

6 7

Artist: DLO
Song: The Wreckage
Album: 2.5
Website | Facebook

7 8

Artist: Nick Sherman
Song: The Sun Was Enough
Album: Drag Your Words Through
Website | Facebook

8 9

Artist: Desiree Dorion
Song: Good In Goodbye
Album: Small Town Stories
Website | Facebook

9 10

Artist: Tara Williamson
Song: July
Album: Lie Low
Website | Facebook

10 14

Artist: Moody x2
Song: Last Night
Album: Drag Your Words Through
Website | Facebook

11 5

Artist: Ray St. Germain
Song: You'll Know That It's Me
Album: Single
Website | Facebook

12 13

Artist: Bob Chartrand
Song: Beat The Street
Album: Rebel Blues

13 15

Artist: Tom Racine
Song: Two Quarters
Album: Single

14 16

Artist: Rellik ft. Nathan Cunningham
Song: Money
Album: Single
Website | Facebook

15 11

Artist: Liza Jayne
Song: Metis Girl
Album: Facing The Storm

16 17

Artist: James Luna
Song: We Got It All Right Here
Album: Three Stories

17 18

Artist: Indian City
Song: Colors
Album: Colors
Website | Facebook

18 12

Artist: Nelson Little
Song: Whiskey Devil
Album: The Little Things

19 21

Artist: Allison Rae Strong
Song: Waiting On Your Love
Album: Single

20 22

Artist: Mosquitoz
Song: Follow Me
Album: When The Wolves Cry

21 23

Artist: Nathan Cunningham
Song: When a Man Gets Drinking
Album: Highway Reclamation
22 25

Artist: Inez
Song: Burn Me Down
Album: Burn Me Down

23 19

Artist: Arthur Renwick
Song: It's Gonna Go All Night
Album: Cigarbox Chronicles
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24 26

Artist: Amanda Rheaume
Song: Keep a Fire in The Rain
Album: Keep a Fire

25 27

Artist: George Leach
Song: Surrender
Album: Surrender

26 28

Artist: Joey Stylez Feat. Lancelot Knight
Song: Owl's Kiss
Album: Feather + Rosary
Moosomin, Saskatchewan

27 30

Artist: Niiko Soul & Ben G.
Song: Howl
Album: Single
Toronto, Ontario

28 24

Artist: Dustin Harder
Song: Hold Me Tight (I Love You)
Album: Single
Website | Facebook

29 31

Artist: Sister Says
Song: Peace of Mind
Album: The Only Way
Vancouver, British Columbia

30 32

Artist: The Rising Above Band
Song: Wings of an Eagle
Album: Redeemed Redman
Niverville, MB

31 33

Artist: Al Desjarlais
Song: Back on My Words
Album: Al Desjarlais Sing Old School
St. Laurent, MB

32 29

Artist: Ali Fontaine
Song: Ignorance
Album: Diamond in the Rough
Website | Facebook

33 35

Artist: Leonard Sumner
Song: They Say
Album: Rez Poetry
Little Saskatchewan FN, MB

34 20

Artist: John McLeod
Song: Lonely Indian
Album: 3 of a Kind
Website | Facebook

35 38

Artist: Recovered
Song: Demolition Derby
Album: Recovered
Winnipeg, MB

36 34

Artist: Franklin McKay
Song: Without Your Love
Album: Single
Website | Facebook

37 40

Artist: Black Stone
Title: It's Alright
Album: Single

38 36

Artist: Diyet
Song: Like a Drum
Album: When You Were King
Website | Facebook

39 37

Artist: Hugh Poorman
Song: Home Being Me
Album: Red Road
Website | Facebook

40 NEW Artist: Carl Crane
Song: I'll be Alright
Album: Single

The National Aboriginal Music Countdown is produced weekly by NCI fm 105.5 in Winnipeg.